GARAGE.COM – Garage Technology Ventures is a seed and early-stage venture capital fund. We invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs with unique technologies that will define the next era of innovation. We take a hands-on approach from the very beginning, partnering with talented entrepreneurs to transform their vision into reality.



Piecing the World Together

GARAGE TECHNOLOGY VENTURES is a seed-stage and early-stage venture capital fund. We invest in entrepreneurial teams seeking to transform big ideas into game-changing companies.

We invest in unproven teams attacking unproven markets with unproven solutions. We’re not interested in teams creating the nth solution to the same old problem nor companies trying to improve things by only 10 or 20 percent.


We take a hands-on approach with entrepreneurs, working with them every step of the way to ensure their success. They are our partners, our customers, and our lifeline. They are our number one priority.The characteristics of the companies we invest in are:

  • Sectors: Software, services, clean technology, and material sciences (not life sciences)
  • Funding: Seeking seed or early investments from $500,000 to $3,000,000
  • Geography: California or Western US based
  • Business model: Requiring less than $5,000,000 to reach break even or sustainability