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Business R & D actors are closely attached to their own projects, and their projects, their business and the related key technology development. New technologies and the development of monetization is not enough to grow and develop the company’s own resources, and is not always necessary to try all.

There are other kinds of companies. In particular, the so-called traditional. subcontracting produce small to medium-live-saving continuous pressures highly competitive field. They mahdollisutta, it is not the actual development. All of the resources are directed to the existence of safeguarding.

This Maker’s HUB model generated the recurrence of the existing businesses. In particular, an open electronic platform with the experimental development highlights the potential applications in traditional industries, such as; construction, engineering and industrial service business. Also, transport, trade and logistics sectors will benefit from these new dimensions.

Information systems and application software have traditionally been a great investment for companies. Open source and free applications up to bring the cost-effectiveness of information technology solutions.

Gaming and specially serious games are here to stay for re-use targeting solutions. In particular; training, coaching, simulations, and the use of guidance used in computer games familiar from technology.

Open data, such as maps and aerial photos used in actual environments of virtualization. New imaging technology, such as LIDAR bowling and photogeometric allows environmental and structural digitization eg. A description of the flying equipment, drones using a very low cost.

These digitization of imaging, modeling, programming and system development projects, the need for highly diverse skills and a differentiated focus on their areas of expertise.

Practical development of systemic and long-term commitment that requires hard work. Along with entrepreneurship and new insights into practice creates unearned income involved in.

In an open and collaborative technology, individuals with the specialist-based business model has enormous potential, as long as it is organized as a resolve and a goal-oriented ansaintojen processing. A truly radical solutions will be individual inventors and ingenious inventors are bid by.

  • Do you have any idea INVENTOR, experience, know-how and the will to produce ideas into practice?
  • Do you have ENTREPRENEUR enthusiasm of the Finnish Maker’s HUB concept development and motivation of entrepreneurship with new grooves?
  • Would YOU DEVELOPER this opportunity to participate in an open media technology and game development?
  • Do you have any AUTHOR basic knowledge in 3D modeling, game production, audio-visual production, electronics, automation, coding, OS, or other techniques related to the field?
  • INVESTOR Are YOU ready to invest, and sparring in the preliminary stage of the business, new enterprises, earnings and innovations?

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