How to build earnings – 5 Thesis

PreStart Preparations before the start of StartUp

  • We produce concepts for products, services and business presentation platforms
    • Brainstorming and refine the innovative solutions
    • Modeling and documentation solutions concept
    • Design and forming earning potential and model

5 Rules to Succes

Earning models and StartUp business model generation

  • We identify competencies and resources needs
  • We find out from the plan and business opportunities
  • Businesses specify the execution condition
  • We introduce the concepts for entrepreneurs and investors in the pre-seed funding
  • We dedicate to safely “Valley of Death” step of
  • Training of social skills and human communication

StartUp Teams

  • Trained players and teams working goal-oriented co-operation
  • Setup the Core Team and Operative Teams
  • Forming Team Cohesion
  • We are preparing to be formed business models generation

Community system

  • We offer design and development for team building and operating platform for pre-start to startup emerging businesses

the-hackers-guide-to-investors-infographicThe Hacker’s Guide To Investors  ( by Paul Graham)

More about Hackers & Startups

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