NEXIT Ventures

In a nutshell, Nexit Ventures is the largest, oldest, and most experienced VC fund in Finland with numerous exits to leading global tech industry players. Nexit Ventures team members have launched and developed numerous successful high-tech companies and also worked for world-class corporations. In doing this, we have picked up vast amounts of experience and expertise and gotten to know many of the key players in the industry.

In other words, the Nexit team has been there. We understand the problems and have insight on the solution.

You can find more information about the Nexit Team here.


Activist VC

An Activist VC (a term created by Nexit Ventures) is a highly selective VC that makes relatively few investments, works closely with the management team to increase company value, and turns this mode of operation into good returns for Limited Partners. See the blog entry Activist VC Manifesto for a more detail explanation of the Activist VC Method.

Why I should read this blog?

We will share in detail how we operate, why we and portfolio companies have been successful, and also where we have gone wrong.

We will also share the actual tools and methods that we use for valuing companies, tracking company progress, planning exits etc.

Over 40 blogs divided into five categories:
1. Activist VC – how we operate
2. Guidance for entrepreneurs
3. Lessons learned as a VC
4. Our take on the VC industry
5. VC – essential for the economy