For Whom?

The idea of ​​ALOITA.COM is to produce services for..;

  • Idea developers, hackers, inventors, innovators and founders of startups.
  • Future entrepreneurs who are planning to make a profit in HiTech Business.
  • StartUp enterprises for planning, preparing and starting operations.

Services are also provided for the internal development of growth-oriented technology companies and the construction of a partnership network.

– Refining own innovation system.
– Formation and guidance of development teams.
– Processing of new concepts, products and services.
– Co-operation and partnership networks.

These small-scale services range from a few hours to most days. Long-term framework contracts are also offered services, for example on the basis of the days/week or the days/month principle.

The services are in the form of:

– Mentoring and supporting the frame
– Processing, production and transmission of information
– Conceptual design
– Technology study and mapping
– Training

Service activities are produced in addition to the traditional workshops present in physics, as well as online via internet, in separate coaching workshops and on network communication tools.