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This keynote, given by Adobe VP of Creativity Mark Randall, goes into more detail with examples:

What is Kickbox?

Kickbox is a new innovation process that Adobe developed for its own use and then open-sourced so everyone can use it. It is both a process for individuals and a system for deploying that process across an organization at scale. It’s designed to increase innovator effectiveness, accelerate innovation velocity, and measurably improve innovation outcomes. It can also optimize innovation investments by reducing costs compared to traditional approaches.

Who is Kickbox for?

Kickbox is designed for both individual innovators and organizations. Individuals can use this site to go through the Kickbox process on their own and organizations can deploy the Kickbox process to their employees at scale.

What does Kickbox do?

Adobe Kickbox delivers an actionable process for discovering new opportunities, validating customer engagement, and evaluating new business potential. It includes tools that help innovators define, refine, validate, and evolve their idea.

Kickbox helps innovators

  • Be more effective and have more impact
  • Build valuable life skills and experience (for example, ideation, divergent thinking, and business creation)
  • Increase job satisfaction and engagement (as demonstrated by participant evaluation scores)
  • Discover (or rediscover) their passion for delighting customers

Kickbox helps organizations

  • Increase innovation quantity, quality, and speed across the organization
  • Empower existing innovators to be more effective and more engaged
  • Identify and activate latent innovators (who may not know they’re innovators)
  • Foster an innovation culture and attract innovators to the organization

Jeremy Dann, an Adjunct Professor at the USC Marshall School of Business wrote a case study on Adobe Kickbox and said;

“Between my consulting, teaching and writing, I’ve worked with around three dozen companies
on their innovation programs, but this is the most open, yet comprehensive mobilization of employee
innovation talent I’ve ever come across.”

This four-minute overview video will give you a closer look at Kickbox:

What does Kickbox cost?

You can download and use Kickbox for free because Adobe is making Kickbox distributable under a creative commons, share-alike, attribution license. For details see the license in the download package.

What’s the story behind Kickbox?

Kickbox was developed at Adobe by building on 30 years of experience successfully innovating. We wanted to empower individual employees to follow their instincts about emerging opportunities so we created an “innovation-in-a-box” kit. Each red box contains everything we think an enterprise innovator needs, including:

  • Money. Each red box contains a pre-paid credit card in the amount of US$1,000. Innovators use these funds to validate their idea.
  • Instructions. Kickbox includes quick reference cards outlining the six levels in the red box. Each card includes a checklist of actions innovators must complete to advance to the next level.
  • Other innovation tools. These include scorecards, frameworks, exercises, and other materials you’ll use to develop ideas.
  • Caffeine and sugar. Each red box includes a Starbucks gift card and a candy bar, since we all know that two of the four major food groups of innovators are caffeine and sugar!

To date, we’ve distributed over 1,000 red boxes to Adobe employees around the world. If you’d like to accelerate innovation in your organization, Kickbox may be able to help.





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