Startup Commons

About Startup Commons

Startup Commons was born around simple but powerful concept of digital commons familiarized by Open Source Software and Creative Commons that have enormously accelerated global innovation, business and  development of the internet in all areas of life. 

We apply the same core concept to help reduce duplicated work and to combine collaborative efforts towards business creation and ecosystem development, by sharing things learned and created by us or others. 

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How do we work?

We work to enable effective global sharing of best practises, development efforts and resources between ecosystem operators, supported with our international business creation, ecosystem development and digital expertise and related knowledge, applications and connecting infrastructure, – to empower, enable and facilitate the development, digital transformation and connectivity within and between startup ecosystems.

Ecosystem Operator Licensing

Licensing our Startup Commons EcosystemOS digital API infrastructure, connected applications or knowledge assets to partnering Ecosystem Operators to be deployed and operated at geographical or business vertical ecosystems, – or for selected support function(s) within one of multiple ecosystems.

Platform For Global Sharing

  • Sharing best practises of support functions, successful/ongoing ecosystem development projects and related subject matter experts within and between ecosystems.
  • Marketplace for EcosystemOS connected applications targeted for needs or various ecosystem segments and supporting different functions within ecosystems and ecosystem development
  • Coordinate co-development of globally neutral “How to” -handbooks for Business Creators, Support Providers, Ecosystem Developers and Digital Teams by facilitating the collection, moderation, publishing and distribution of these handbooks with various subject matter experts.

Ecosystem Membership Models

Membership packages with access to support function, digitalization and ecosystem development knowledge documents, webinar recordings and tools, with optional on-call expertise support for ongoing ecosystem development ​

Training, Consulting And Support Services

  • On-site and online webinar trainings and handbooks for different ecosystem segments.
  • Workshops for ecosystem training and development for key topics & development targets
  • Workshops for training, development and deployment of specific service function.
  • Consulting projects for services and digitalization assessments, solution deployments and ecosystem development team organizing
  • On-call expertise support packages for: support function, digitalization and ecosystem development