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IT and the global network provides the opportunity for a rapidly evolving new business and the market is global from the beginning. Inventions and innovations are made by individual people, not organizations. It is difficult to protect software innovations and the underlying ideas, ideas are everyday, and the original creator of the idea rarely benefits from their ideas.

Implementing ideas for practical solutions, products and services requires the assembly of highly-skilled teams. There is not enough skills, competencies or resources alone.


  • 1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses in your business know-how.
  • 2. Focus on the essentials and the field that you best master.
  • 3. Get reliable partners for those business areas that you do not control.

Make Collaboration and co-operative Participation Agreements in written form. Participation and Partneship agreement must include each party’s roles, responsibilities and obligations, and the percentage of inclusion. In addition, the contract must include the concept of utilization of the resulting business disclosure concept.

The responsible person for each competence module  (innovation, technology, commercialization / market, economy / calculations and business planning) produces sub-plans for concept description. The concept is implemented in a project-oriented manner, committing to a commonly agreed timetable.

Plans and their feasibility should be evaluated by external and non-attached experts. They should be asked for a signature on the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA/no competition) as well as in the Written Declaration.





– partnership model under construction 

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