Blue Room

Space for intuitive ideas to flow

  • Physical community facilities distance mutual interaction
  • Technology supported by the knowledge of the production processing and management
  • Networked communication, collaboration and team work
  • Adaptively cozy function-oriented milieu
  • Cumulative reality for virtual interaction
  • Intuitively, the intellectual learning environment
  • Knowledge management cloud service
  • Innovative and multisensory control room


The aim of the network self-management

  • Development and the needs for change impulses identified
  • Resources, experience on the ground and competences certified
  • Role-based ERP and knowledge streaming controlled
  • Processes, practices and procedures for the development positioned
  • Shared knowledge and generated outcomes by processing of work packages
  • Portfolio-based learning trained
  • On generic scalable framework systematic controlled
  • The operator of the network interaction and communication virtualized the presence of close